Missions at Lynwood

Short term mission trips have the potential to change lives, not just to those who we go and serve, but those who make the trip as well. There have been many individuals who have left our campus to go serve someone else by providing medical services, visiting in their home, providing a meal, playing a sport, visiting a school, providing construction help, cleaning a yard, playing music, teaching Biblical truth, sharing the gospel, paying a bill, providing furniture for a home, shopping for gifts at Christmas, packing a shoebox, equipping church leaders, or loving on orphans.  When these individuals returned from their mission, they were the ones who had been changed.  They had surrendered to the call of God to “Go and make disciples” and serve the “least of these”.  God used them to change someone else, and in the process, God had also changed them.  They see the world a little bit differently than they had before.  Suddenly God was bigger to them because they had experienced Him in a different culture than they were used to.  Perhaps God is calling you to be involved in one of our many different international mission efforts in:  

  • Belarus
  • Brazil
  • Honduras
  • Kenya
  • Nicaragua
  • Mexico
  • Philippines 

Or maybe God is calling you to make disciples locally through:

  • Care Portal
  • Fish Food Pantry
  • Options for Women
  • Christian Activities Center in East St. Louis
  • Disaster Relief
  • A  local church plant

These are some of the mission efforts available here at Lynwood Baptist Church.  Every believer can be involved with missions at Lynwood by praying, giving or going.  What is God calling you to do? 

Contact Kevin Coffee with questions or more information about any opportunities above.