Welcome to the adventure of leading your children spiritually.  As the primary guide in your child's spiritual growth experience, you need to know where you are going and how to get there.  At Lynwood, we are committed to helping you get there by providing support, encouragement, and resources for the journey.  Our commitment is to come alongside as you instruct and invest in your children and grandchildren.

Milestones is the name of the strategy that we will use to accomplish the vision.  Milestones serve as markers of progression on the spiritual formation journey.  When a milestone is reached, that growth is celebrated as praise for how God is working in the person and as motivation to continue along the path.

There are seven Milestones along the path:

Click on a Milestone to learn more about it, including recommended resources.

Milestone Resources also include the Parent Summit and other events designed to equip and encourage parents.  Milestone events are typically offered twice per year.  Upcoming events are listed below.