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At Lynwood we believe that finding and engaging with community is vital to the success of one's Christian walk. We also believe that in order to engage with the culture around us, sometimes that will need to happen in the home instead of inside the walls of a church. With that in mind, we believe the Lord has called us to start 15-20 new LifeGroups in February 2018!  We hope to accomplish this in conjunction with a new sermon series that will take us through the majority of 2018 called "The Good Book". This series will focus on 40 of the most profound chapters in the Bible and will help us be able to share the full story of the Bible in a concise way. To do this we are developing our own curriculum in order to customize the series to our LifeGroups. It is a huge undertaking, but we could not be more excited to see what God has is store for this venture!

In order to accomplish this we will need lots of new LifeGroup leaders and hosts! You may be asking yourself what it means to "lead" or "host" a LifeGroup. A LifeGroup leader is a person that helps facilitate the teaching of the lesson and discussion of the group. It does not mean that you have to be a theologian or have all the answers. It just means that you can help keep the group on track and provide leadership to your LifeGroup community. A LifeGroup host is a person or family that is willing to open up your home to a LifeGroup on a weekly basis. It does not mean that you exclusively have to feed a group of people every week or teach the lesson. It also doesn't mean that you have to be available every single week. Most LifeGroups will offer flexibility based on the leader or host's schedule.

We understand that this is a large undertaking, but we know that God does not call us to do average things for the kingdom, He calls us to do great big God-sized things! We hope that you will prayerfully consider what your part will be in the creation of these new LifeGroups. If you are interested or simply want to ask some questions about our new LifeGroups, please fill out the form below and our Discipleship Pastor Kevin Coffee will reach out.

Thank you in advance for how you will join Lynwood in Engaging all people to Experience Christ and Equip them for life!