The Dawning Refresh

At Lynwood, we believe there are times that call for intense prayer and fasting.  At times we will do this collectively as a church.  During those times we've called it "The Dawning".  What is it?  We know from our experience in life that the dawning is the appearing of the brilliant rays of the sun in the early moments of the day after a night of darkness.  The prophet Isaiah helps us understand the dawning in spiritual terms.  After explaining a true fast and its implications, he states in Isaiah 58:8, “Then your light will appear like the dawn.”  The dawning represents a spiritual awakening. 

The Dawning, in practical terms, is a three-week spiritual emphasis for the Lynwood family.  It is a time of calling our church to a period of prayer and fasting for twenty-one days in order to create space for God so that He might bring a spiritual dawning in each of our lives and for Lynwood.  We do this because we believe we are entering the most significant years of ministry.  We pray that we will not miss God’s will.  It is our prayer that we will “stand firm in one spirit, contending as one man for the faith of the gospel (Philippians 1:27).” We pray we will bring glory to God as we join the Lord Jesus Christ in building his Church in our community and throughout the world!


There are also times when you may need to pray and fast about a specific trial you are going through or a big decision is on the horizon.  You may be led to pray and fast for a family member or loved one.  In any case we want to help you and our congregation through the fasting journey.  In the right column you'll find a link that will help you plan for your fast and provide some devotions for you to read through during your fast. 


It is our prayer that you will use your time of prayer and fasting to grow in your walk with Christ!