Welcome back Southeast students!

Exalt is a vibrant group of college students who gather to worship God at Lynwood Baptist Church and then go out to live our lives on mission for Christ.  Throughout the school year (and in the summer, too) Exalt meets every Sunday morning for Worship and LifeGroup.  We also meet at different times throughout the semester for Connect events. 

Sunday Mornings  

Lynwood has two worship services: 9AM and 10:30AM.  Exalt attends the 9 am service.  This is where we gather with the entire church to worship God.  Gathering for worship allows us to give back to God.  It also allows us to receive the nourishment of God's word through preaching/teaching.  At 10:30AM we gather for LifeGroup in the student ministry room.  This is where we join together as a smaller community of believers.  It is here that we have some fun, we pray and encourage one another, and where we grow in our faith through challenging Bible study.  A light brunch is served every week at LifeGroup. 


Connect Events

What is college without authentic relationships?  Connect events focus on building relationships through in-depth Bible study, relevant service, and crazy fun.  Should you stay at home/in your dorm or should you go out and meet new people while growing in your faith? We think the answer is obvious!  


The Lighthouse (Baptist Collegiate Ministry)

In addition to being involved in Lynwood Exalt, we encourage all college students at Southeast to check out The Lighthouse. Every Thursday night at 7PM The Lighthouse hosts “The Well”.  The Well is a place where college students go to drink deeply from the Word of God!  Every Monday night The Lighthouse provides a free meal for all college students.  For more information contact Andrew Abbott, Campus Minister at 573-275-5532 or check out  Lighthouse is located at 1115 Broadway.