Anchor Groups


Jesus said, “Go, make disciples…” (Matthew 28:18-20).  The call to be a disciple and a disciple-maker rings loudly for every believer.  The model for discipleship that we are given in the Gospels is built around relationships!  While Jesus taught both the masses and individuals, the majority of his time was invested in a small group of men that we call the 12 disciples.  Within that group were 3 that seems to have been closest to Christ (Peter, James, and John) and with whom Christ most shared (Matthew 17:1; Mark 5:37).  From this we see that disciples are best made in relationships, not in programs or classes.  

Scripture also teaches that disciples are disciple-makers.  The two cannot be separated.  Paul told Timothy to take what he heard Paul teach, and the manner in which Paul lived his life, and to turn around and share these things with faithful men who would, in-turn, share it with others (2 Timothy 2:2).  Discipleship must always be passed from one generation to the next for it to be biblical!  

Anchor Groups are designed to be places where group members grow as disciples of Jesus Christ in relationship with other disciples.  They represent a shared journey where group members gather around God’s Word to study, pray, grow, and live.  Because of the 26-week commitment (minimum), we ask that all members prayerfully consider the need to be faithful, available, and teachable within their Anchor Group before they decide to participate.  

Faithful members agree to pray regularly for each member of their group.  They also understand the need for accountability and confidentiality within the group.  Faithful members are willing to share what they are learning so that others in the group can benefit from it.  

Available group members will make meeting attendance a high priority, even though there may be times when absence in unavoidable.  Group members should strive to attend as many meetings as possible.  

Teachable members arrive at the meeting prepared; having completed the Bible study lesson before the meeting.  They also have an open heart that will allow others in their group to speak truth into their lives.  

Anchor Group members who are faithful, available, and teachable possess a willingness to disciple others by leading an Anchor Group when the appropriate time comes.

Each member of the Anchor Group will need their own copy of “Discipleship Essentials”.  This workbook can be purchased at Lynwood Baptist Church or through your Anchor Group leader.

Each Anchor Group will determine the place and time of their weekly meeting.  

If you are ready to join an Anchor Group, or if you would like more information, please email Kevin Coffee.